About Us

Absolute Snugs was created in 2009 after we bought a pair of ugg style boots while travelling through Australia. Having enjoyed the pure delight of warm and comfortable feet, regardless of the weather, we found it difficult to find good quality authentic Australian ugg style boots back in the United Kingdom. So we took the decision to bring the very best quality, Australian made ugg style boots to the UK consumer, and at a sensible price! Furthermore the purchaser has the reassurance of dealing with a person here in the UK should there be any issues with their purchase.

We will provide you with Australia’s premium quality luxurious Merino sheepskin boots by importing the very best, 100% Australian ugg style boots. Choose from our extensive range of Snug boots, including Classic Long, Classic Short, The Side Lace Up, The Nomad, The Crochet, Foxy Long and Foxy Short. Snug Boots for kids and babies are also available from our range. 'Absolute Snugs' prides itself on using 100% Australian materials, made in Australia by Australians. Therefore you can be certain that you receive Snug boots of the highest quality, at highly competitive prices and with excellent customer service. We import directly from Australia to order to ensure our prices are highly competitive.

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AbsoluteSnugs.com is not affiliated with the American company 'Deckers Outdoor Corporation' and we DO NOT sell their products. Please don't confuse our products with the Decker’s "UGG Australia" brand. Unlike many other on-line retailers, we don't sell products that are made in China. All the products in our range are made and handcrafted in Australia from 100% A-grade Merino Australian sheepskin.